Justice isn't served until crime victims are!
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How State and Federal Government spend your TAX money.

Justice isn't served until crime victims are.
Kathryn Turman, Director of the FBI Office for Victim Assistance


This is the story about how State of Maryland and Federal government spend tax money of American people. Application of formal laws of "Domestic Violence" without detailed investigation and complete ignorance of testimony of all involved people resulted in catastrophic consequences for ALL parties involved in this case. And the main victim of this case is the pocket of American taxpayer!
  1. Normal American family was completely destroyed by State of Maryland. There was no any intention to destroy family by family members themselves before unendorsed intrusion of the State into private family life.
  2. Father of two small American citizen kids was deported from United States as aggravated felony criminal after a year in many different state and federal criminal and immigration jails. But he didn't commit any crime.
  3. Mother of two small American citizen kids was forced to violate Federal Immigration and Tax laws in order to survive alone with these kids and as a result of this may be deported from United States.
  4. Two American citizen kids may stay without ANY parents under public support
  5. Federal biotechnology center related to Human Genome Project lost one of key developers of worldwide known program, used in thousand universities and private businesses around the world involved in Biotechnology research.
  6. State of Maryland spent a lot of public money to process all the case that not served any reasonable justice.
  7. State of Maryland spent a lot of money to public assistance and unemplyment benefits to mother who had no any working skills in US.
  8. Federal offices including Immigration and Naturalization service spent a lot of public money to process the case that not served any reasonable justice.
  9. United States will spend a lot of public money to support two kids without parents as part of Crime Victims program.
  10. American taxpayers don't care where State and Federal Government spend their tax money.
      Family of immigrants from Russia lived in Montgomery County, Maryland for 6 years. This family consisted from father, mother and two small kids, who were born in Maryland US. Old son was 4 years old and little son was 3 months old.

      Mother was from Ukraine. She never worked in US and had no any reasonable working skills in US. Her husband had a large salary and she never expected to work. She felt herself very comfortable babysitting their children. Mother received Permanent resident status in US because she was wife of legal permanent resident of US who got his green card as a result of 6 years of work in federal government project.

      Father was born in Russia. He graduated from the strongest technical university in former Soviet Union and then had graduate study in Massachusetts, US. After he returned from his graduate study in Massachusetts to Moscow, he worked in UNISYS Corporation in project in Saving Bank of Russian Federation. He was one of key developers of Credit Card system for the Saving Bank of Russian Federation. He was invited to take part in Human Genome Project as software developer for the program sponsored by federal government. He was subcontractor of UNISYS Corporation contract with US Federal government. He become well known in the world as key developer of software program used in thousands universities and private businesses. He become permanent resident of Unites States as a result of 6 years in project, sponsored by federal government and couple weeks before the case happened had offer to work for Federal Government DIRECTLY in the Department of Health and Human Services.

      This family had a lot of friends not only among Russian immigrants, but also among Americans and nobody ever could tell that this family has ANY problems. This was normal American family and they never even thought about such things as "divorce". Father spent a lot of his time working in National Institutes of Health and mother gave all her time to small kids.

      Day, when happened this story was very ordinary day for this family and nothing betokened a storm. When father returned from work, he told to his wife, that he had some problems with his coworkers and was a little exited about this. He build his new computer and installing new DVD player tested it with Hollywood movie "Gladiator".

      His wife worried a little about her husband and told him, that she want to call "crisis center" for help. This probably was related to the problems with his coworkers about which he told to his wife beforehand. He strongly forbid her to call any public assistance services because there were no any reason for this and he is feeling completely OK. She insisted on the calling to the "crisis center" and he become angry on her wife, but just returned to his computer and continued to watch movie.

      After he finished to watch movie and was rather exited of this movie, he decided to copy one CD by using new DVD drive. He exited from the house and come to his car. He found, that his wife is hiding from him in his car and using his cellular phone trying to call crisis center about him. He felt rather insulted by the fact, that his wife doing this and doing this in so thievish way. She tried to close car from inside, but he entered the car, took his phone away from his wife and hit her two times into nose. After he returned to the house and continued to work on his computer with testing of new DVD drive.

      Nose of mother had tendency to bleed not only from light hits, but also from nervous overstrain. So, drops of blood, coming from her hose were very bright on her white shirt. This created very strong image of "woman in blood". Her husband never touched his wife during 16 years of knowing her and during 6 years of marriage, so wife was practically in shock from such unexpected behavior of her husband.

      Police, who come to the private residence by the call about "suicide in progress" so fast, that wife had no time to wash her face and husband didn't finish to copy CD on his new tested DVD drive. They found woman in shock and in blood and her husband, who very quietly sit on his computer table and worked. He even didn't know about blood from nose of his wife and after he was asked where this blood come from he said - "May be she fall down of something". After he said, that he hit her wife, he was immediately arrested and put into state jail.

      Wife was in shock and made up the story how her husband bit her and insulted her. She was so angry that tried to design any way, how to take revenge on her husband, who didn't allow her to do in her own way and therefore restricted her freedom. Next day she even intensified her story with statement that her husband wanted to kill her. This information was completely sufficient for the State of Maryland to kill her husband - deport him from the United States as "aggravated felon" without any possibility to return back.

      Few days after this story happened she decided to return all her words back, but State of Maryland decided to take over the case and proceed with false testimony of women to destroy her husband. On court wife took fifth amendment and refused to testify against her husband, but state of Maryland proceed despite this.

      As a result of long criminal story, which turned obviously to federal immigration story, husband and father was convicted as "aggravated felon" and after a year in various criminal and immigration prisons was deported from United States with two federal employees without permission ever return back to US.

      Work on his federal project, on which he become well known around the world was stopped, that resulted in serious damage to the federal program. His credit history come to complete bankruptcy despite the fact, that before this case it was crystal clear. In Russia nobody ever interested in Human Genome Project and he in fact become unemployed. His interview in Cambridge, UK for the simular European program, which is rival to US was unsuccesful.

      His wife had to get unemployment benefits, because she never worked and had no any working skills. She was forced to violate federal immigration and tax laws in order to survive with two kids in United States. As a results she may be deported from US.

      From any international point of view - this story may be considered as violation of Human Rights by State of Maryland and complete IGNORANCE OF UNDERSTANDING HOW TO SPEND TAX MONEY OF AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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